Flexifoils :::

The flexifoil kite was designed in 1974 by Ray Merry and Andrew Jones and is one of the most popular sport kites ever created.

The 10-foot "Flames" Flexifoil (above, left) is the kite that gave the Chicago Fire its name. These kites were the first kite used by the longest-running competitive sport kite team. The flames pattern was custom made for the team, and the Chicago Fire developed it's early flying style around these unique kites.

The 10-foor "Chevron" Flexifoil (above, bottom-right) was used by the Chicago Fire Kite Team from 1987 through 1989. It was a great light-wind tool, especially when used with the UltraFlex spar designed by Eric Wolff. This frame dramatically increased the low-wind capabilities of the Flexifoil.

The "Team 8" Flexifoil (above, top-right) was flown by the Chicago Fie in 1990 and 1991. Flexifoil kites are rarely flown by teams, but the Chicago Fire took great advantage of it's speed and precision. The Flexifoil and Spin-Off are the only kites that have been used in competition by the Chicago Fire that were not designed by the team.