Some Famous Shooting Locations You Can Actually Visit


Some major movies were indeed shot in studios and on movie sets, but most movies actually used real-world locations to shoot some of their scenes, and as fans of these movies, I am sure that you would love to visit them. Hollywood is indeed an amazing place that helps make some incredible movies and it actually continues to do so. In this guide I will talk about a few filming locations that some movies used. You can actually travel to these locations and have a great time.

The firehouse from Ghostbusters. The Ghostbusters headquarters is an actual place that is in New York, and you can actually visit there.

Nakatomi Plaza from Die Hard is located at 2121 Avenue of stars which is actually fox plaza in Los Angeles, California.

Nakatomi Plaza

The hotel from The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Yavin IV from Star Wars.

Tribute Training center from The Hunger Games.

You can actually visit the Subterranean pool from the movie 127 Hours. You could possibly even take a dip in there and have a good time.

The creepy Overlook Hotel from The Shining is real, and you can visit it. I don’t know why you would want to, but if you did, you could. That hotel actually looks exactly what it looked like in the movie, and you will indeed get all the creep feelings if you go there. It is rumored that a few scenes of The Shining sequel Doctor Sleep was also shot there.

The Xavier’s School for gifted youngsters from X-Men is an actual castle called Hatley Castle, which is located in British Columbia and it was used for the shooting of the X-Men movies. It has since been used by the CW for some scenes in their show Arrow.


Hogwarts and many more places from Harry Potter are actually places in the United Kingdom. You can visit them at a low fee and some places; you can even visit them free of cost.

Alcatraz Island from Escape From Alcatraz is located near the San Francisco bay, and you should also know that it is a real island and that there was a real prison there. Not to be confused with the fictional Azkaban, which is also in the middle of the ocean. The prison is not functional anymore, and people can actually take a boat or a ferry to the island, and it is now called ‘The Rock’.

Buckingham Palace from Paddington is the actual Buckingham Palace in London, England. You can indeed take a tour of this place, but you will have to book in months in advance.

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