The Chicago Fire Kite Team :::

The Chicago Fire Kite Team is celebrating its 22nd year. The team has been competing and demonstrating team sport kite ballet and precision since 1986. We are the longest-running competitive sport kite team in the United States, and we love flying. The Chicago Fire has been invited to kite festivals around the world. We have flown in front of friendly crowds in England, France, Japan, Canada and, of course, the United States.


On this website, you can:

Learn about sport kite flying and competition.

Try your hand at flying a dual-line sport kite.
See the newest kites from the Chicago Fire.
Find out where you can watch us fly.

Sponsors :::

The Chicago Fire Kite Team is proud to be sponsored by Blue Moon Kites and Skyshark rods, courtesy of Skyburner Kites. We appreciate all that Blue Moon and Skyburner do for our team and for the kiting community.





2008 Rod Break Count :::

Russ: 4
Dan: 0
Kathy: 0
Josh: 2
Eric: 0
Zach: 2